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Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Night Videos

It's never easy being the replacement.

I've had jobs where a person, say Sheila, leaves the company and her replacement is just always known as "Bryan, you know, New Sheila."

Here's another example: I dated one nincompoop who treated me with suspicion which was justified...had he directed that suspicion on the cheatin' girlfriend before me!

Trust me, no one wants to be the replacement. Just ask Tanya Roberts.

Poor Tanya. As the very last Angel to join the 1970's television masterpiece, Charlie's Angels, she was screwed from the beginning. It was season 5 and the audience was starting to wonder, "Hey - is it even possible for such flawless, elegant ladies to successfully crack an international diamond smuggling ring simply by dressing as can-can dancers or roller derby girls?"

Answer: Yes. And atop a 60-foot yacht, too. Jesus.

Even though the premise of Charlie's Angels was airtight, the ratings were in the crapper. So the breathy, brunette from the Bronx was hired to add EVEN MORE sizzle with her crackly voice and rum-raisin blush. But it was too late. Charlie's got cancelled.

Though Tanya went on to star in Beastmaster, nabbed the title role of Sheena, Warrior Princess and even portrayed a dumb, busty MILF on That '70's Show, she is, in some unforgiving circles, branded the woman who couldn't keep titty TV afloat.

Everyone's a critic.

Have a crackly weekend!


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