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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Happy Life

I've been thinking about what a person, specifically this person, needs to live a happy life. I've decided it falls under two categories: health and art. For a deeper dive into what I see as the beginnings of my very own cult, let's take a look at the PowerPoint deck.

Health + Art = Heart - this is what I'm trying to get at. This is the basis of my cult of one and why it’s important for me to live from these principals everyday. Without all this, my heart gets dry and brittle. It retreats, closes up, with only a little bit of the good stuff peeking out like a pistachio in the shell.

In the spirit of Dianetics, I hear by decree that creating a cult will go under the “art” column. And I will definitely need to come up with a logo or pretty picture for Health + Art = Heart. Something I can hand out at the end of meetings. But I don't want to do meetings in a church basement. I think our meetings should be held on row boats with little sandwiches, beside fireplaces atop bearskin rugs with chianti, or in a garden gazebo with tea. You know, turn it into an print ad from the 1970's. Really class it up.

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