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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Passion

Speaking of metal, this guy was a Port Authority of New York - New Jersey police officer who claimed disability for two years while touring with his hardcore band.

Meet Christopher Inserra: cop, thief, speed metal screamer. Sure, he makes the kind of music that makes me wish I was born without ears but you get it, right? Officer Inserra wanted to do his art and wanted to be paid. Is that so wrong? Well, stealing about $200,000 is morally without merit so I guess the answer is "yes," but the underlying desire of the action has value. You can look at it in two ways:
  1. Romantic - He was willing to do anything for his music.
  2. Holistic - He didn't believe in himself enough to think that his music could earn him a living.
The teenager in me wants to choose the romantic anti-heroics of Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes, Tony Soprano or Walter White, that robber Thelma or that shooter Louise. But because I'm a grown up whose had to go to therapy in order to learn the difference between fiction and real life, I'm going to have to go with door number 2. I admire the passion, though.

God, how I admire the passion.

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