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Monday, April 21, 2014

To Taste Cute

I truly loathe to admit it but the older I get, the more I like cute things. Kittens. Cubs. Baby elephants.  Li'l lemurs. Not only do I watch animal videos, I talk back to them like, "You're just a puppy and you're all 'bark bark bark' at a flight of stairs! But that's silly because those stairs are not even that big - it's just that you're mini!"

This is shameful. I am a softy. I used to be tough.

But since I've outed myself, let's just keep going because cute - or, as the Japanese say, kawaii - doesn't end with baby animals. Oh, no. Cute is a lifestyle choice. It can be shoes, hair, music, cars, houses, candy…

Why, cute can be a baby animal and a piece of candy AT THE SAME TIME!



Behold the sculptural marshmallows creations known as Café Cat and Café Paws. To taste cute, just pop one of these in hot chocolate or even a cup of coffee because, just like me, it turns out a cuppa joe ain't so badass after all.

Sadly, only available in Japan.

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