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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fresh Donuts

I always thought if I were a dessert, I'd probably be some sort of an apple concoction - maybe a pie or a crumble or an apple brown betty which is when your starch is old bread instead of cake or crust. Yes, I have thought of these things and you would have, too, if you'd dated a stoner in college. 

Like how I put the red-eyed, smokey blame on him? So mature.

Anyway, now that I'm looking at these people as donuts, I'm having a bit of an identity crisis. I'm thinking maybe my true, deep fried self has been a bear claw or churro all along and I didn't even know it!

And as these goofy, dare I say completely pointless, thoughts swirl around my brain mixing it up with my inability to stay on point or make a decision, I just realized, I am and probably a twist. A long, glazed twist.

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