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Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Night Videos

Hooray! The weekend is here! Time to wrap yourself in fabrics that make you feel lovely, lace up your dancing shoes, take out as much money as you can from the ATM before it laughs at you, and steal away into the night!

Will you meet a certain stranger for an evening uncomplicated passion? (No such thing.) Or will it be the new, electrifying beginnings of sweet, sweet love? (Ha!)

Perhaps you'll swirl around the club so smooth that folks will think you're on a Segway, collecting all the pertinent stats  - name, number, condition of teeth, amount of known offspring, estimated amount of self loathing/self righteousness. On the other hand, you might just duck behind a large potted plant in a jazz bar, praying that spontaneous combustion is not only possible but about to happen right now which will impress everyone - EVERYONE - from high school!

Ah, the mysteries of romance. They sure do suck. Might as well let technology handle it.

...and have an electrifying weekend!

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