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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

They Want Love

A few years ago before we were married, the husband and I spent a summer weekend in Beacon, NY. It's a quiet town on the Hudson River with a museum, some nice restaurants, a waterfall, and not much else but really, what more do you need? It has a it's own train station on the Metro North! There's a DMV on the main street! They roast their own coffee and serve it with condensed milk!

Oh, but some people. They want love.

Henri Matisse, 1922, Espagnole à la mantille
Henri Matisse, 1922, Espagnole à la mantille

Upon entering a bar after a nouveau hippie dinner, we were met with many pairs of hungry, middle-aged eyes. Starving eyes. Eyes that said, "Are you here for the - oh. You're together."

We were confused, but not for long. A sign - typed up and printed out via personal computer and encased in it's very own plastic frame - sat perched on a table, explaining it all:


There were only like six of them wearing the telltale name tags. Four women and two men. A few of the women chatted amiably. The rest sat in silence. Everyone had one eye trained on the door.

I'm not one of those people who thinks you have to be shacked up to be happy.  Plenty of people are psyched to be alone, miserable as a couple, and all the variations in between. But to be single in a small town and not want to be? Oy. I felt their pain.

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