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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy Sunday

The heart. It's a muscle, but it turns out to be a ludicrously fragile one. People let you down. Things don't work out. You feel useless or ashamed. Someone you actually give a crap about has the nerve to die. This and so about 8 million other things destroy the heart on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, you need it to live.

So you protect it. You grow a few extra layers of skin then wrap it tight in a li'l leather jacket just like a biker. You build a stone wall. Invest in barbed wire. Install security cameras and an armed guard or two for good measure. Just as you're about to have the guards start digging a moat, something happens to dissolve all these items into thin air leaving you exposed with that red and willing flesh luridly beating away in front of everybody.

"I was comfortable in my lonely fortress!" you will shout as some hero tries to put a ring on your finger. Some friend needs advice. Some baby/stray dog/grandparent/neighbor decides to accept you as you are.

Then you're vulnerable, destined to care and cry when you see a video reminding you to shut the eff up and be grateful for every grain of rice.

Happy Sunday

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