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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fun in the Midst of the Sads

Maybe you heard, Prince died. Like David and Maurice, this was another curiously painful feeling for me. I took comfort in the Facebook group Church of David Bowie. 

Yes, I am a member of the CoDB. I also watch "Game of Thrones," which is to say, I am no longer cool. I used to be but that day is done. Now, I'm a nerd. 

I know, I know it's hard to believe. But if I have gotten used to my new lifestyle, you can, too.

Not surprisingly, many David fans are Prince fans. Think about it. Multi-instrumentalists. Fanciful clothing. Played with the idea of what it means to be a man. Followed the muse wherever she took them -  rock, funk, classical, jazz. Thoughtful on one track, crooning sexy nonsense on the next. Left this earth too soon with hours of unsung songs in the vault.


On the Church page, people were doing mash ups of Prince/David song titles. The example given was, "Diamond Dogs and Pearls" and the crowd went wild. Here were my offerings:

Manic in Detroit

Oh! You Sexy Mother Fucker

Baby I'm a Black Star

China Girls and Boys

When 2 R in Soul Love

I Would Die 4 Kooks

Dirty Oddity

TVC 1999


Computer Blue Jean

Under the Cherry Moonage Daydream

These last two, someone typed on the feed before me. I hate that. 

Anyway, this is me having fun in the midst of the sads. Though I suppose the best homage to these heroes is not be sad but to be yourself and do what moves you. Follow their lead. Follow the muse. Take Me with U, Lady Stardust. 

Oh, my god, I'm so freaking clever. You guys, seriously, I'm not even trying!

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