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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bathing Beauties

I knew a family for whom skin cancer was a serious threat. Several family members had had chunks of melanoma removed from their bodies and so, when it came time for the annual Hawaiian vacation, their swimsuits looked something like this.

On the New Jersey shore or in the lakes of the Catskill Mountains or during Women's Hours at the Bedford Avenue Municipal Pool in Williamsburg, one may see Orthodox Jewish women and girls take to the waters like so.

Mennonite, mormon, and other modest Christians have opened Etsy shops, websites, and share patterns online to buy or make swimsuits like these.

Both female and male snorkelers regularly look like this.

So why, I wonder, has France outlawed this?

I have so many questions!

Why call it a "burkini" when Judeo-Christian, sun damaged snorkelers wear nearly the same thing?

What security threat does a bathing suit make?

In a world where women are consistently told that what they wear just might contribute to their very own rape, am I now being led to believe that a bikini may harm me but a modest bathing suit will harm others?

I'm just a woman! These things confuse me! Maybe Arundhati Roy and assist.

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