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Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Night Videos

When I was a lass, that whole rah-rah sports team, dorm room, college in middle of nowhere Indiana was not attractive to me. No judgement. Just not my style.

I went to university in San Francisco. I shared a drafty Victorian with my boyfriend and a cat named Mars. I drank cheap red wine, wore thrift store dresses, and collected used records. Basically, I was getting a degree in Crazy Old Lady. And you know I got straight A's because look at me now, blogging in my panties on a Friday night - heeeeeeeey!

School was something I attended but it definitely wasn't MY LIFE. Maybe it should have been MY LIFE but instead I was really into gallery openings and garage sales. If you've ever seen the art in San Francisco, you know that a gallery opening and a garage sale are more or less the same thing.

So, now that you know my lack of American college-iness, it will be no surprise to you that I've never set foot in a sorority. Unless I'm on an architectural tour or got kidnapped, I'm guessing I never will. Again, no judgement. It's like flip flops with socks or those people who do all cabbage diets. Just not my style.

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