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Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Night Videos

I haven't spent much time in the company of fast food. It's usually in a pinch or because I'm on the road or both. Subway in Florida. Tim Horton's in Nova Scotia. McDonalad's in Monaco. And before you judge me, smart arse, I'm fully aware that there are better food choices in Europe. It was an emergency. I waited too long to eat and I found myself hungry in those magical hours between lunch and dinner when socialist restauranteurs flip the sign to CLOSED and take a nap.

Last year, I went to a brand new Taco Bell in Tennessee. I ordered a breakfast burrito and asked for a cup of hot water as I fished a baggie full of tea bags out of my purse. My husband was ever so slightly embarrassed by this. Puh-leeze. He was taking me, his smart, classy wife, to a TACO BELL in TENNESSEE and I embarrassed HIM? Frankly, he should've been happy they don't serve a hard taco wrapped in a soft taco wrapped in divorce papers.

When it to comes to fast food, I'm like the worst friend or best roommate: never there and when I am there, I'm thinking, "Why am I here? When can I leave?"

So I sure as hell do not understand this trend of Pizza Hut perfume and the rest of it. It's a real thing, y'all.

Is this all just a good laugh? Or have we gotten so salt, fat, and sugar crazed that we want to BE fast food? Either way, I'm starting to feel as though we are going to hell in a fried chicken bucket and no one really cares.

Have an extra crispy weekend!

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