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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Not Safe for (Women's) Work

This is Melania Trump.

This is Melania Trump without clothes.

Why is she without clothes, you ask? Well for one, she was born that way. Also, sometimes actors, athletes, dancers, secretaries, graphic designers, waiters, stay at home dads, plumbers, and postal workers pose for pictures without their clothes on. The ones who get paid to be nude and/or scantily clad with nice lighting and professional hair and make up are called "models." 

Melania Trump used to be Melania Knauss and Melania Knauss was a model. 

Melania's husband Donald - a clinical narcissist and world famous racist - is running for the presidency of the United States. Because she is now on the global stage, a lot of people have taken issue with Melania's former career and her looks in general. 

After delivering her embarrassingly familiar speech at the Republican National Convention, this is how Twitter users responded.


And though I will give these so-called liberals points for playful language such as  "whore d'oeuvre" and "thunder cunt," calling Melania a skank because she was successful in one of the few industries where women consistently out earn men, doesn't make you more virtuous. Nor does it address the fact that her husband's message is so hateful that he incites violence nearly every time he speaks in public.

Oh, but she could be the first lady! She's supposed to be a role model! This has never happened before! Yes it has, for elected officials as well as their spouses, and we've all survived.

Carla Bruni Sarkozy
Model, Singer-Songwriter, Former First Lady of France

Arnold Schwarzeneggar
Bodybuilder, Actor, Former California Governor

Glenda Jackson, CBE
Academy Award Winning Actress,
Member of the British Parliament from 1992 to 2015

Scott Brown
Former Massachusetts Senator, Fox News Commentator, 
Cosmopolitan Magazine's Sexiest Man of 1982

George W. Bush
46th Governor of Texas,
43rd President of the United States,
Avid Self-Portraitist

Hey, look, if you're offended by Melania Trump's rump, so be it. I, for one, am not too into Ah-nold's dingus. But reducing her or any woman to a plastic thing, a slut, and a bitch is damaging and absurd

And don't give me any of this "Michelle is like this and Melania is like that" crap. Donald Trump might think it's acceptable to randomly judge woman and pit us against one another as if we'd all unwittingly entered into one of his beauty contests, but I don't. Even if you do get cast in the role of "Mother" in the Madonna/Whore Complex, you will still be criticized for for how you look and what you wear.

So let's not get too distracted by all them curves and review the facts: 

Ms. Trump is a former model. Sometimes models pose without clothes. 

Mr. Trump is a presidential candidate who is dangerously unqualified to do a job that grants him access to the nuclear code. He lies. He misrepresents. He is a misogynistic, delusional xenophobe who could have the power to appoint multiple seats on the Supreme Court, and those are decisions that will last a hell of a lot longer than any shock you might experience seeing a perky pair of Slovenian boobs.

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