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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sixteen Traits of Narcissism and the Donald

Recently, when I called Donald Trump a clinical narcissist, you probably thought I was being my usual hilarious self. Well, I WAS but only because I can't help it. I am very, very funny.

You: But what exactly is narcissism?

My answer from the internet because I'm not a doctor: According to the DSM, it's a personality disorder.

You: A personality disorder? That sounds exciting. Tell me more!

Me: From Psychology Today: narcissists are individuals "whose grandiosity soars to such heights that they are manipulative and easily angered, especially when they don't receive the attention they consider their birthright."

You: Oh, come on. That couldn't be our Donald....could it?

Me: Let's explore! Does Donald Trump have the sixteen traits of narcissism as presented in David Thomas' book, Narcissism: Behind the Mask as found on Wikipedia? The answer might surprise you!*

*No it won't.

1. An Obvious Self-Focus in Interpersonal Exchanges

“Oftentimes when I was sleeping with one of the top women in the world I would say to myself, thinking about me as a boy from Queens, ‘Can you believe what I am getting?’” 

2. Problems in Sustaining Satisfying Relationships

Three marriages.

3. A Lack of Psychological Awareness

4. Difficulty with Empathy

5. Problems distinguishing the self from others

“I want five children... because with five, then I will know that one will be guaranteed to turn out like me,” Donald told a close friend.

— Vanity Fair, 1990

6. Hypersensitivity to Any Insults or Imagined Insults

7. Vulnerability to Shame Rather Than Guilt

"He said he personally contributed $1 million of his self-proclaimed $8.7 billion fortune toward [veterans' charities]...But a Wall Street Journal report published roughly three months after the fundraiser found the promised beneficiaries had apparently received just a 'fraction of the promised money.' In recent days, reporters started pressing the Trump campaign for more details...Perhaps realizing he was being caught not delivering on his promise, Trump apparently tried to make up for lost time. The Post reports that on Monday, Trump called the home of James K. Kallstrom, chairman of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, and informed him he would be giving $1 million to his organization."

— Think Progress, May 25, 2016

"Look, I'm glad he finally [donated money], but I don't know that he should get much credit. It took a reporter to shame him into actually making his contribution."

— Hillary Clinton on CNN, May 31, 2016

8. Haughty Body Language

9. Flattery Towards People Who Admire and Affirm Them

"I have no relationship with [Vladimir Putin] other than he called me a genius. He said Donald Trump is a genius and he is going to be the leader of the party and he's going to be the leader of the world or something. He said some good stuff about me."

— February 17, 2016 Bluffton, SC Town Hall

“I believe an easing of tensions, and improved relations with Russia—from a position of strength only—is possible, absolutely possible,” Mr. Trump said in a foreign-policy speech at Washington’s Mayflower Hotel in April.

— The Wall Street Journal, May 13, 2016

10. Detesting Those Who Do Not Admire Them

"Mr Trump has banned Buzzfeed, the Des Moines Register, Politico and the Washington Post (among other outlets) from covering his campaign events. He regularly turns to Twitter to belittle the 'failing' New York Times or 'phony' Washington Post for their coverage of the race. He has said the Wall Street Journal is 'ridiculous.' While some members of the media are 'terrific,' he said in December, others are 'sleaze' and '70%, 75%' are 'absolute dishonest, absolute scum.' And, in marked distinction from other contenders for the White House over the centuries, he has repeatedly suggested that under a Trump administration, the legal landscape of freedom of the press may undergo a transformation."

The Economist, August 15, 2016

11. Using Other People Without Considering the Cost of Doing So

“I enjoy testing friendships.”

12. Pretending to Be More Important Than They Actually Are

13. Bragging (Subtly but Persistently) and Exaggerating Their Achievements

"I'm the most successful person ever to run for the presidency, by far. Nobody's ever been more successful than me. I'm the most successful person ever to run. Ross Perot isn't successful like me. Romney — I have a Gucci store that's worth more than Romney."

— Des Moines Register, June 2, 2015

14. Claiming to Be an "Expert" at Many Things

TRUMP: [Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg] knows nothing about me. He's never been to my office. I don't know him well.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You played golf together.

TRUMP: Maybe once...and I hit the ball a lot longer, and a lot better.

— This Week with George Stephanopoulos, July 31, 2016

15. Inability to View the World from the Perspective of Other People

"The coal miner gets black-lung disease, his son gets it, then his son. If I had been the son of a coal miner, I would have left the damn mines. But most people don’t have the imagination—or whatever—to leave their mine."

Playboy, March 1990

16. Denial of Remorse and Gratitude

“I can never apologize for the truth.” 

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