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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Time, Wasted

I was just playing Scrabble on my iPhone which is embarrassing because in this version of "Man vs. Machine," (wo)man always wins. Always. So while it's not a "challenge" or a "competition," I do like to think of it as a several years long performance art piece I'm orchestrating entitled, "Time, Wasted."

The machine played the word "manque." Skillful. But since the match is rigged so that I remain the undisputed champion, it wasn't played on a "double word" or "triple letter" or anything that would rack up the points. In other words, impressive but, you know, not.

Still, I had no idea what it meant. So I looked it up.



  1. having failed to become what one might have been; unfulfilled.

    "a starlet manqué"

Well, tou-fricken-ché.

That's a sign, right? I mean, a really, really, clear sign that I'm letting my life go down the digital toilet one click at a time. But here's what the Scrabble programmers or God (easy to confuse) don't know:

I like sitting on the couch and being mistaken for a pile of laundry! I'm. Good. At. It.

Or maybe they're right.

This incident paired with the thoughts-become-bad-things experience I had on Monday,  I'm beginning to realize that I'm definitely in synch with the universe...but being aligned is not particularly comfortable, is it?

Image Source: The Awesome Hubble Telescope...and Taxpayers like you!

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