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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lounging at the Walled Off

I honestly believe that people who say they don't like Banksy are lying. I think they can't stand that he has gotten away with his cheeky anonymity all while making bigger and bigger projects. He's like one of those guys in high school who is not all that handsome or book smart or talented, but has somehow managed to get the panties off of all the rich girls and drive their cars, to boot.

Clever. Charming. Practiced. Disciplined. Is Banksy a bad boy or a "bad boy?" Are these art pieces or art pranks? Visual artists are constantly scrutinized by critics, gallerists, and institutions - the triad that makes up the deeply annoying term, "The Art World" - and of course, the public. For someone (someones?) who has been a working artist since the '90's, the she/he/it/them that is Banksy has never been held to the same level of inspection, has never had a show not sell or a career cut short because of a crap review in Art Forum or the New York Times.

This motherfucker is really getting over. Never mind, now I see exactly why people don't like him!

I happen to think he's pretty great but if the seemingly endless stream of Banksy success makes you roll your eyes, get ready to see the inside of your skull for his latest offering is a real doozy.

Welcome to The Walled Off Hotel. It's a full service hotel with a view of the wall that separates Palestine and Israel. Some rooms go for $30 and are outfitted with surplus items from the Israeli army. Other rooms feature collaborations with artists Sami Musa and Dominique Pétrin. And there is one room, the bar, that contains a player piano that is programmed to play original scores by Flea, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Hans Zimmer, and 3D from the band Massive Attack.

Care to book a room?

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